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Everyone wants healthy, glowing, golden skin but getting that naturally can be harmful. The sun’s rays can cause damage to your skin, especially if you are exposed to them for long periods of time. Developing a suntan requires hours of sun bathing, and that can be a very uncomfortable experience. Why spend so much time and effort on a natural tan when a spray tan can easily replicate the effects? At Chloe Spa, you can get a natural-looking tan without risking your health.

What are The Advantages of Getting a Spray Tan?

Many people believe a genuine or natural tan gives the best finish and artificial ones can’t compete with that. Fortunately, that’s not accurate because modern spray tanning agents are made from sophisticated compounds so they deliver excellent results. Here are some of the biggest advantages of spray tanning:

Great Quality Spray Tan

  • Quick – Developing a natural tan requires spending hours in the sun and most people don’t have that much time on their hands. Spray tan takes a fraction of that time but gives you a healthy, golden glow. This is an ideal option for people who have personal and work commitments. There’s no need to sacrifice a beautiful tan just because you don’t have time to head to the beach.
  • Full Cover – It’s not easy to get an even tan all over your body through sunbathing. You’re forced to change positions frequently, twist around, and lay in awkward positions to get an even layer of tan. Even then, it’s possible to miss a few places. Spray tan doesn’t involve any effort as you just stand in one place as an expert sprays the tanning solution over your body evenly.

None of the Negative Spray Tan Issues

  • No Orange Tan – Many people worry their skin will look orange if they use artificial tanning solutions, but that’s not the tanning solution’s fault. If it is applied incorrectly, your tan can look orange and blotchy. Fortunately, you won’t face that problem with us because our skilled beauticians know just how to apply an even layer without going overboard.
  • No Streaks or Patches – We apply spray tan carefully so there are no streaks and patches on your skin. Beauticians are meticulous, scanning every inch of your body to ensure they haven’t missed anything.

We make sure you look like you’ve spent hours lounging on a beach to develop a golden glow. Your tan will be even, consistent, natural, and blend in well with your features.

Cheap Spray Tan Salon for Summerlin Las Vegas

Why Come to Us?

We have been around since 2015.  But our spray tanning experts have been a part of this industry for more than that. Always feel comfortable with our spray tan experts.  Our spa uses the best quality spray tan solutions available.  This ensures you don’t develop any allergic reactions or other such problems. The tan solution fades gradually and evenly so there are no unsightly patches even days after application.

This solution is a better alternative to all tanning options available today. It’s quick, not messy, and provides beautiful results. You can step into our spa and walk out with a golden glow within an hour. Our spa also provides a host of other services like waxing, pedicure, manicure, massage, nail design, and we even provide a range of good-quality dermatological products. If you’re looking for good-quality and reliable services, we are a great choice.

If you want to know more about our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Chloe Spa. You can contact us through our website or call 702-998-9868 for an appointment and we will respond quickly.

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